Fill the Cup
President's Project: Share the Bounty -- Tip the Scale 

How many of you have harvested from your gardens more than what you could possibly eat? 

How many of you have ever participated in a program that asked to you to step on the scale and “weigh in.”   Well, we're going to twist that a bit to weighing and sharing our garden produce with organizations in our local communities that collect our extra produce  and they then distribute those food products to shelters, soup kitchens, and so forth.  Ladies and gentlemen, are you aware (according to a USDA report last fall) that in 2012 more than 509,000 people in OREGON suffered food insecurity (also know as hunger). . . 

So, how much do you personally weigh?  No, don't tell me out loud.  But here's the challege:

Let's plant extra, create or work in an already established community garden  -- take our God-provided harvest to a food pantry or food bank to be shared with the hungry in OREGON.   At the Food Bank they will weigh it, give you a receipt, and then you keep a running total with our Share the Bounty – Tip the Scale Chairman.

Each one's personal goal is to share in pounds what our personal weight is.

Just thinking that if we have 2700 members with an average weight of 150 pounds, that would be 405,000 pounds of food.  Can we do it?  That's our Challenge!!!   Let's invite our neighbors and friends to partner with us in reaching the goal.  No Food Left Behind!   

A website to assist in locating a food pantry in your area is