What a special year for the OSFGC Scholarship Committee. 

The applications for the academic year 2015-2016 were outstanding and the need for financial assistance seems to continue.

The Compton Fellowship of $ 750.00 was awarded to Javier Fernandez-Salvador. He is working on his PhD degree focused on Organic systems for blueberries. 

The Pacific Region Scholarship for $ 1,000.00 was awarded to our candidate Marcel Ann Ortiz, and the National Scholarship for $ 4,000.00 was also awarded to Marcel Ann Ortiz. What an outstanding student and worthy applicant. 

Marcel is going into her junior year at Eastern Oregon University college of Agricultural Sciences. She grew up working with her family and grandparents in their Peony Gardens. 

The Claire Hanley Scholarships were awarded to four OSU students majoring in Horticulture. Each will receive $ 1,500.00 for the academic year 2015-2016. 

  • Rachel Bartunek, Senior interested in design for functional suburban and urban farm landscapes. 

  • McKensie Lui, Senior with an interest in sustainable landscape design. 

  • Tracy Quint, a Junior with an interest in having her own cutting garden that would benefit the community. 

  • Zachariah Wood, a Senior with an interest urban forestry and in the designing of cities to be more agriculturally minded.

All of the recipients are U.S. Citizens and Oregon residents, with a financial need to continue and complete their education in Horticulture.

State Chair Vivian Chelstad

There are 3 different Horticulture Scholarships that the OSFGC supports and any Oregon student can participate.

The National Scholarship awards 41 throughout the USA, Applications are available through the State Chair or by accessing the National Garden Club Website.  In addition, the state chair forwards a copy of the scholarship application to Oregon colleges and universities.

Oregon receives one 
with it being $ 4,000.00  this year.      ngcscholarship@gmail.com  to State Chr. post marked by 3/1/14

The Pacific Region deadline was Jan.31st, is usually $ 1,000.00 to one in the Pacific Region.  The state chair forwards a copy of the scholarship application to Oregon colleges and universities.
The Pacific Region deadline was extended recently to go in dates with the National scholarship program, with the deadline for the PRChair to receive the application by March 15,2014.   No doubt this will be on their web next year.  kristabelle7@aol.com

The Compton Fellowship.  Applicants are OSU Graduate Students majoring in Small Fruits and Berries.  Candidates are nominated by the OSU Head Graduate Adviser and evaluated by the committee. 
The Claire Hanley Scholarship is through OSU, they pre-select those that 
qualify, and send to me and our committee selects the student. 
year there was funding for 5 students, at this date our OSFGC Treasurer has funding for 1 student,  $1,500.00. 
The OSU contact  this year is Autumn Granger@oregonstate.edu at the Financial Dept.

OSU  Financial Aid, March or April.

Districts and Garden Clubs also have Scholarships which you should contract them directly.

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Horticulture students!

Vivian Chelstad    gchel@peak.org
The students below were selected for the Claire Hanley Scholarship awards of $ 1,500 each for the academic year 2014-2015.

• Alyssa Hatai, will be a senior next year and is studying the Ecological and Sustainable Horticultural Production option at OSU. Alyssa’s goal is to “be an owner of a moderate to large farm and produce various fruits.” Alyssa has worked as a supervisor at Berries Northwest where she has been employed for the last 3 years. Alyssa has a 3.08 GPA30

• Stephanie Vargas will be a senior and is studying the Ecological and Sustainable Horticultural Production option at OSU. Stephanie’s goal is to work in “Sustainable, local organic, hydroponic systems to produce crops and other plant life.”  Stephanie is active in the Vegans and Vegetarians Club at OSU, serving as treasurer and event coordinator. She also works as a student support technician for the OSU Technology Support Services Department.

OSU sent 20 applications for the Claire Hanley Scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year. The Scholarship Committee found it difficult with the funding available this year to select the two recipients.  There were so many worthy applicants with financial needs.

The Compton Fellowship award of $750 was given to Jimmy Klick. Jimmy is a PhD student in the entomology option of the horticulture graduate program. His research involves the management of spotted wing drosophilia (SWD) an invasive pest that infests small and stone fruits. He is testing a number of different integrated and non-pesticide based approaches to control this potentially devastating pest. His work has focused on cane berry and blueberry production.  Jimmy has already presented his research results at scientific meetings and various outreach events to farmers. He also has 
published some of his results. In addition, he is a member of the local chapter of the Horticultural Honor Society.

Unfortunately there were no applications for the National or Pacific Region Scholarships.

Scholarship Committee: Vivian Chelstad; Chair—Peggy Olin, 
Garnet Ascher, Pamela Hawkes, Shirley Schmidt; Members