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OSFGC 2017 Photo Contest 


The 2017 OSFGC annual photography contest will be held at the 2017 OSFGC convention.
All District first place winning photos will be accepted on Monday and will be judged on Tuesday of the convention.
Only the District first place winners in each category will be entered to be judged at the State level.  There are 16 Districts and each District may submit their first place winning photos in each category.  This means within the 6 categories, there is a possibility of 12 photos, color and black and white, and 2 President’s Choice categories from each District.  State winners will receive ribbons and certificates.  There will be a BEST IN SHOW who will receive a Rosette and certificate. 
Local clubs are encouraged to have local contests so that the first place winners can go on to be judged at the district level and those that win to go on to the State. Photo contest entrants are asked to have a digital copy of their photo available and sign a release so that the winning photos at the state level may be posted on OSFGC web page and also used in a calendar and note cards for the following year.


2017 Photo Contest Rules

OSFGC 2017 Photo Contest 
Display easels will be provided at the State contest level. 
OSFGC, Inc. will have a state wide photography contest. Photos can be digital or film photos, and should not be enhanced by any computer program other than conversion from color to black and white.  Photos must be 8"x10" and matted, not to exceed 11"x14" inches.  The categories are as follows: 
1. Landscapes/Seascapes A. Color B. Black and White 
2. Gardens A. Color B. Black and White 
3. Floral A. Color B. Black and White 
4. Birds, Butterflies, Insects A. Color B. Black and White 
5. Pets A. Color B. Black and White  
6. Wildlife A. Color B. Black and White
7. President’s Choice:  –Subject - Frogs   A. Color or Black and White
8. Special President’s Class (New class for 2017 – not listed in OSFGC Directory) Ladybugs   A. Color or Black and White
Please note that for the President’s Choice categories there is only one class, color and black and white photos are combined and need to be judged together. Districts - please select only one photos for these categories.
Clubs should hold a local contest and choose a first place winner from each category.  There is a possibility of 14 winning photos from each club.  These first place winners will then be presented to their respective District representative to be judged at the District level.  
Districts will select the first place winning photograph from each category to be displayed and judged at the State Convention.   Winner in each division at the state level will receive a certificate and ribbon.  
Photos must have been taken between January, 2016 and April 1, 2017
Photos may be either 35mm or digital. If digital, may not have been enhanced by Photoshop or similar programs.
Photos are to be mounted and must be 8” x 10” not including matting.   Overall size with Matting must not exceed 11”x14”.   
Photos must have been taken by a current OSFGC Garden Club Member in good standing. 
On the back of the photo, tape a card with the following information. - Do not write directly on the back of the picture

Name of Photographer: Ima Photobug
Contact info: Phone number or email   
Garden Club and District - Grants Pass Garden Club – Siskiyou District
Date / Location of photograph if possible - April 1, 2016, Disneyland
Make and model of Camera used -Nikon Coolpix 9500
Type of media – Film or Digital-Digital
Category of entry –Landscapes/Seascapes – Black & White
A stand of sufficient size on which to place an 11X14 mounted photo will be provided. 
No Framed photos will be accepted.  
First Place entries in each Category should be given to your District Director for Selection of District winners.
District First Place winners in each Category will advance to the State Convention for final judging. 
OSFGC would like to post the winning photos at the State Convention on OSFGC web page. Photo contest entrants are asked to have a digital copy of their photo available.
For any questions, please contact Jeannette Rogers, Photography Contest Chair at (541)415-1035 or E-mail to