New OSFGC Beautification Project

Starting as an idea presented at the Fall Board Meeting, 2014, in Klamath Falls, this project is now ready to officially launch. Since that meeting, a lot of planning has gone into creating a spectacular project of planting wildflowers across the state of Oregon. This will be in honor of the 50th Anniversary of  Lady Bird Johnson’s Highway Beautification  Act. We have met with the Department of Transportation in Salem and key staff to iron out the critical parts and pave the way for all Garden Clubs to participate.

Here is how Your Garden Club can be a part of creating this tapestry of color. Every OSFGC Garden club has received 2 ounces of seeds for each approved patch of wildflowers. These seeds come from an Oregon Roadside Council grant. Clubs have been asked to locate sites in their District at Rest Areas, State Park entrances, and welcome signs. Where sites can safely be done near Highways without creating a dangerous situation, we can apply for permission to develop and plant. Once a site is identified by a club, they will need to contact the ODOT District Maintenance office in their Garden Club District and apply for the permit. District Directors have the seed and all the permit information to share with the garden clubs. Additional seed can be purchased from Silver Falls Seed Company in Silverton, OR.

Once permission has been given by ODOT and in some places City Government, ground preparation can be done and the seeds sown.  Clubs  need to do the site preparation. This is a good opportunity to involve some of the men in the community. A rototiller and a few rakes is all it takes to scarify the soil and ready it for planting. Plot size for each patch should be 250 square feet or a strip 5 feet by 50 feet. Or it could be a square or a triangle to fit the specific location. The seed packet is prepared for that size parcel. Target date was set for planting on or around April 22, which is Earth Day. But some locations will plant later.

Sites should be marked somehow. Most ODOT Districts have small landscape flags you can use to mark the area so that it doesn't get mowed or sprayed.

ODOT is willing to do the majority of the media distribution for us on official State of Oregon letterhead and where possible will provide recognition with signage. In some OSFGC Districts more than one ODOT District will be involved. Their District boundaries do not coincide with our OSFGC boundaries. 

The sooner we get sites located and permits approved, the sooner plants can be established. Let’s create a fantastic tapestry across Oregon as a reminder to all that we have a Beautiful state. Let’s let wildflowers make our statement in opposition to the outdoor advertising industry. Let’s light up our landscape with wildflowers and other native plants. And by planting wildflowers, we will also be insuring that our pollinators have a good source of pollen for helping our local agricultural crops be fertilized.

Help create A Tapestry of Color across Oregon, a Beautiful State to visit and a place to live. 

Remember, seeing color while traveling helps create a position experience for everyone. 

Klamath District Garden Clubs 
Wednesday, April 22
4 p.m., Crater Lake Parkway at Campus Drive
Contact: ?
St. Helens Garden Club
Wednesday, April 22
  • 10 a.m., Veterans’ Memorial Park, Columbia City (MP 32)
  • 1:30 p.m., St. Helens Middle School (with Builders Club and Kiwanis)
Contact: Lynn Chiotti, chiotti1@gmail.com503-397-0805
West Point Garden Club
Day/Time: TBD
Eden’s Garden, Capitol Hwy
Contact: ?
Scappoose Garden Club
Day/Time: 4/20 – 27/2015
East side US 30, north/south corners of Havlik Dr. in Scappoose
Contact: Pat Rankin, patrankin613@gmail.com
Past event:
April 8, 2015
Santiam/Oak Grove Rest Areas
Grow & Show Garden Club, Salem Senior Center
Contact: Shawn White, Oregon Travel Experience, shawnw@oregonte.com

The Chehalem Garden Club has finalized plans with ODOT and the City of Newberg to plant a highly visible area (near the welcome sign in town) with the wildflower seeds on Earth Day. We will do so at 2pm on Wednesday. The area is located at the intersection of First (Hwy 99W) and River Streets in Newberg.