Website Change Procedure

I manage a lot of websites.  To make sure your changes are made correctly, please provide the following:
  • Name of site [OSFGC]
  • Page you want changed  [eg Education/Scholarships]
  • The information you want added [in quotes]
  • Be clear if it is replacing any existing information or if something needs deleting.
  • Your position with this organisation  [eg Scholarships chair]
  • Be sure you attach any forms or photos you want adding.  Forms should be PDF format.
  • Major changes must be approved by the State President.
  • Revised forms please indicate a revision number or date on the form.
For comprehensive or complicated changes please copy the existing information to your computer, make the changes you need and send back to me as you want it to read.  I will modify the formatting if necessary.

You will be notified when the changes have been made.  Please check they are correct as you wanted.