Blue Star Memorial Markers

Chairman: Andrea Little (508) 329-1630 
Advisor: Jimmie J. Meinhardt (314) 843-3079 
6 Imperial Court, Unit 6 (352) 682-6758 (C) 
Westborough, MA 01581-3674
9906 Timothy Lane (314) 258-6675 (C) 
St. Louis, MO 63123-6927

of the United States. Memorial Markers and By-Way markers were added to the Highway Markers, to be used at locations such as National cemeteries, parks, veteran's facilities, and gardens.

The Blue Star became an icon in World War II and was seen on flags and banners in homes for sons and daughters away at war, as well as in churches and businesses.

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This program has been active for years, a fitting tribute always and especially now.  Many states and regions have dedicated Blue Star Memorial Markers, but there is room for growth in some areas.  BLUE STAR GUIDELINES are now available online and can be downloaded at no cost from the NGC website,'s continuing projects/BlueStarMarker. This GUIDELINES booklet provides all the general information and procedures necessary to purchase and dedicate a Blue Star Marker, including instructions on how to apply for the NGC Blue Star Awards that are available to the clubs.