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President, OSFGC, Inc.

The President’s Theme:

“Plant a Seed, Reap a Harvest”

Oregonians live in a state filled with natural beauty that includes miles of coastal shores, deserts, mountains, rich valleys, rolling wheat fields, tall trees and magnificent rivers. As an organization, we are pledged to protect this beauty and conserve it for the present as well as for the future.

Our theme “Plant a Seed, Reap a Harvest” should evoke an image of actual planting to create beauty in our personal garden sanctuaries and in community places to delight the public, but it also is intended to encourage the planting of ideas for leadership, mentoring of new club members and chairmen, building membership and enhancing communication within our state and beyond.

The President’s Project:

“Planting Pollinator Gardens in Public Places”

Oregon will be blooming with fresh new flower garden plantings designed to attract and provide safe food for bees.  With 86 clubs in the state choosing a highly visible public place (e.g. the post office, city park, city halls, the Blue Star Memorial Markers, the entrance to your town) the pollinators will thrive.

The pollinators need our help!  We kill our bees through pesticide use, loss of habitat, and environmental changes due to pollution.  To save our bees, we must plant flowers and blooming trees.  With 86 clubs and two years, that’s 172 gardens!  We’re counting gardens!