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  Welcome    to the online home of 

                                     Oregon Gardeners  

    We are one of the original charter state garden clubs of

                        National Garden Clubs, Inc.

                       State President
Shirley Schmidt               

Shirley Schmidt

15 Districts, 2703 Members, 87 Clubs, 2 Youth Clubs,

7 Affiliates and 4 Judges Councils

National Garden Clubs inc Director
Sandra H. Robinson
Theme : Leap into Action

Pacific Region Garden Clubs inc Director
Krittie Liveri
Theme: “Look to the Garden Through the Eyes of a Child, a Kalediscope of Possibilities”

National Garden Clubs, Inc. President
Linda Nelson

Choice Matters
Elaine Gunderson

A Conservation Rainbow

Oregon State Flower

Oregon Bird

Western Meadowlark 
~ Sturnella neglecta

In 1844, Audubon observed that although the species was known to members of the Lewis and Clark expedition, no one had taken the least notice of these birds since. Consequently, Audubon named the Western Meadowlark, Sturnella neglecta. Today the tag no longer fits, as six states have picked Meadowlarks as their state birds. The Western Meadowlark unleashes a bubbling medley of rich, flutelike phrases that is well-known from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean.


Oregon Grape Mahonia aquifolium

The Lewis and Clark Expedition into the Northwest Territory is credited with bringing the Oregon Grape to the East where it has been grown and appreciated as an ornamental flower ever since. The Oregon Grape’s lustrous, dark green, leathery leaves, pyramidal spikes of bright yellow flowers, and light blue grapelike fruits in early summer, make it effective for use in many garden situations. The Oregon Grape (or holly grape as it is also called) was used by the Indians and early and early pioneers as food, medicine, and drink.


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