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Carolyn Olley OSFGC President 2023-2025

Carolyn Olley
President, OSFGC, Inc.
2023 – 2025



The President’s Theme


We are busy in Oregon this Summer. New leaders have been installed and are working to get their clubs and districts up and running for the next two years. The State Officers were installed in June by our NGC President Brenda Moore. She is a delight. By the way, her new children’s book, MY GREEN IS GONE, was a very popular purchase at our June Convention.
My OSFGC President’s Theme is:

LEARN-something new
SHARE-your unique knowledge
GROW-as a person (and grow a new plant!).

I’m calling our State, District, and Club leaders’ part of the OSFGC “CREW.” To me, “crew” says people working together to achieve a common goal. Everyone may have a different job, but each is equally important and valued. Our common goals are to encourage new people to become members, celebrate with new members and current members, and always to learn something new.
My President’s Project is being called “The Wheelchair Project.” There was an article in The Oregonian newspaper last year about special wheelchairs with oversized tires that could be used on our Oregon beaches. The special chairs will allow people with mobility issues to come on to the beach with their families and friends. Chairs come in different sizes so children and adults can take advantage of them. How do those chairs relate to Garden Club, you may ask. The thought is the more people become acquainted with our beaches, the more they’ll see how important they are to the environment, and how important it is to keep them clean and protected. We’re focusing on Environmental Awareness!

I hope to collect enough money to buy at least one chair by the end of my two-year term. There are twelve sites along the Oregon coast that offer free use of these chairs. I’m hoping to make at least one more chair available to a site that is near one of our coastal garden clubs.
And there’s more! Our Willamette District will be hosting our Fall State Board Meeting. We’ll be asking attendees to bring a donation of fresh veggies or fruit that will be donated to a food pantry where one of our members volunteers. The pantry will be open the same day we have our meeting, so people will be getting very fresh produce. What great timing…and we’ll be participating in NGC President Brenda’s PLANT AMERICA-Feed America Project.
Best wishes for a wonderful rest of your summer from all of the Oregon Crew!
Carolyn Olley
OSFGC President

The Message Board

“My Green Is Gone” – This year’s children’s book offer from NGC. Please ask Jane Sercombe to order you a copy! Order by Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021, for best opportunity to receive it by Christmas. To see other books from the National Garden Club, (Click Here) and find the Dec. 6, 2021 NGC blog posting by Brenda Moore.

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